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We all know how frustrating it can be running a business; you're the boss, so you should know everything right? We'd all like to think so, but the truth is we can all do with some help every now and then.

Think you can't afford a business coach? You're probably wrong. If your thinking about the need for a coach, then you probably can't afford not to have one.

We are dedicated coaches without the overheads. This means you can access world leading, expert coaches without the high costs.

How can we do this? Well just as we could help your business succeed through the application of lean principles, we have applied these same concepts to ourselves to develop a low cost, highly flexible coaching model.


1. Become a Member

Flexible contract membership provides you with the following benefits:

  • 24hr 7day access to your lean coach*
  • Initial 4 hour site visit free of charge
  • Comprehensive Lean Business Report and Roadmap
  • Weekly or monthly site visits*
  • Development and Management of Site Action Plans
  • Access to the MLBC resource centre with over 1000 pages of original material
  • We will be your Black Belt for you
  • Complimentary access to QikProcedure online basic
  • Results guaranteed

2. Casual Membership

Being a casual member gives you all of the benefits of being a full member without the contract. Perfect if you're not sure how long you need our help.

3. Casual Coaching

A little less structured than a membership.

  • Free initial site visit
  • Comprehensive Lean Business Report
  • Guaranteed call back within 24hrs*
  • Access to the MLBC resource centre with over 1000 pages of original material
  • Discounted access to QikProcedure online basic
  • Get us in when you need that bit of extra help

Let us customise a coaching package for you

Lean Business System Audit FREE!

We will conduct an audit of your business and present the results with a comprehensive audit report. Suitable for any business type, we have customised audit templates for service and manufacturing businesses.

5S Training and Activity

1/2 Day customised 5S training and activity. Guaranteed results! 5S is the foundation of all other improvement and is the best starting point for your business.

Whole of Organisation Planning

Our copyrighted plan to bring your entire business together to work towards a common goal. Break down those silo's and create a high performing team in your business

Standardised Work Training

1/2 Day Standardised Work training. Learn how Std Work will help your business and how you can implement this simple tool.

Just in Time Training

Smooth out your supply chain with this 1/2 Day JIT training program.

Visual Management Training

Communication is one of the keys to business success. Learn how to communicate effectively and simply with this 1/2 day training.

Lean Introduction

Introduce your team to the fundamentals of Lean Business Systems in this cost effective 2 hour session. Held in-house for unlimited participants.